2020 edition

We are still continuing the preparation for our 2020 Gravel Ride. 
But because the government hasn't decided on the rules and guidelines for future sporting events, it's also unclear to us if the Ride will be able to go ahead.
That will depend on the measures that the government will be taking in the coming weeks.

Early July we will take a decision if our 2020 Gravel Ride will go ahead or not.

We hope to see you in September!

The date

Saturday September 5th 2020.

Although it's NOT a race, we will all start together at 7AM to stimulate the group feeling.

The course

The course will be approximately 170km with an elevation gain of about 2500m.

Clink here if you want to see the heightprofile. The course can be subject to change.

The course will be marked on the day but we will also send you a gpx track 1 week before the event.

We recommend you have a GPS as a backup (or ride with someone with a GPS) because every year some of our markers are removed by people who think that is funny.

Entry fee

Entry fee is 50 euro

But all tickets are sold. We suggest you sign up for our newsletter and follow our event on Facebook. People will post a message there if they want to sell their ticket.

This will include :

* a marked route with the maximum anmount good rolling gravel & forest roads, some climbing, lakes, a few river crossings and a lot of great views.

* you will also receive a gpx-file as a backup

* 3 feeding stations (with BYE Nutrition endurance bars & normal food)

* Signallers along the route to help you cross the bigger roads

* basic Lezyne-tools to use at the feeding stations (but you need to be the mechanic :-) )

* a pack of Ritchey fries (with mayo and/or ketchup)

* 1 free beer at the finish

* a Bombtrack - Dirty Boar 2020 stemcap

* some items from our partners

* a place to shower and clean your bike

Check our Youtube channel to see what it was like on the previous editions: Youtube

And pictures and articles can be found on our website: here

The location (start/finish)

Rue de la Piste 1

4950 Waimes (Ovifat)


Terms, conditions & recommendations

Check this link for the Terms & conditions

We also have a few recommendations :

* Use a bike that is suitable for the event. Check out our news article Choose your Dirty Boar weapon

* Bring a GPS device and maybe also a USB powerbank/battery because the riding might take longer than you expected. We will provide you with the gpx track a few weeks before the event.

* The ride takes place in a somewhat remote area. So make sure you take all the necessary tools & spares to handle common problems (flat tyres, worn brake pads, loose bolts... and maybe also a broken chain). And some cable ties might be usefull for several things.

* We suggest you also bring a small bottle of chain lube

* You should be able to carry enough food & water to cover, at least, the distance between the feeding stations (60-70km)

* We start when the sun rises. So you shouldn't need any lights. But if the weather should be bad (rain, fog,...), we recommend you bring some lights so that at least you are visible for cars and other people on the roads.

A place to sleep before/after the ride

Check this link for the list of all the hotels, gites and campings in the area

Or you can also find this list at the following website: http://www.waimes.be/tourisme/hebergement/

We didn't get confirmation if the places in this list will/can provide an early breakfast on the morning of our Gravel Ride. So, if you want that, best check/ask before you make your booking.

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