Dirty Boar

Bikepacker 2022

This is our 2 day "bikepacking style" gravel ride.

The Hautes Fagnes (Belgium) is an area that has so many great gravel roads and views, that it's impossible to cover them all in 1 day.

Our Bikepacker lets you discover as much as possible of these great roads in 1 weekend in the company of other gravel grinders.

This trip is also accessible to people who have just started bikepacking or who want to give it a try (but you do need to have bikepacking bags).

Want to buy a ticket?
All tickets for 2022 are sold.
Entry fee is 125 euro (VAT included)
If somebody wants to sell his/her ticket, we will recommend they post it on our Facebook page June 4-5th & Facebook page June 6-7th (all posts will be checked by us for authenticity)
Read below if you want more info

What you get & what you need

Because this is bikepacking trip:

  • you will need to carry your own gear (clothes, mattress, sleeping bag, food for the day, tent....) on your bike.

  • everyone rides at his/her own speed (of course you can ride together if you want)

But to make this trip accessible to people who are new to bikepacking, you get (might change depending on COVID-19 measures):

  • track to put on your gps (the route will NOT be marked)

  • paper map of the area with some useful info (shops, places to eat)

  • basic camping spot at the end of day 1

  • good dinner at the end of day 1 (drinks will be available but not included in price)

  • 1 free beer at the end of day 1

  • big breakfast on the morning of day 2

  • drink and sandwich at the finish

  • special Dirty Boar Bikepacker t-shirt by The Vandal

  • useful (bikepacker) item (surprise!)

  • basic insurance

  • shower near the finish if you want

Anything else that you might need, but you don't find in the above list, is not included. Also we don't have any more tents for rent. So you will need to strap that to your bike.

The course

Day 1

Day 2

Barrage de la Gileppe -> Schoppen

Schoppen -> Barrage de la Gileppe

We (slightly) change the course every year. But expect 250-260km & 4000hm on 2 days for the full course. You will be able to take a shortcut on day 2.

The first day we start at Lac de la Gileppe and ride to our campsite near Schoppen.(approx. 130km)
The 2nd day we ride back to Lac de la Gileppe via a different route (approx. 120km or 80km if you take the shortcut).

You will receive a gpx track and a paper map a few weeks before the event. The paper will be useful to know where you can find shops or something to eat close to the course.

You will ride mainly on gravel roads in the Hautes Fagnes - Belgium (the area of our Dirty Boar Gravel Ride). Expect a little bit of everything.

The location (start/finish)

main parking of Lac de la Gileppe:
Route de la Gileppe 55
4845 Jalhay


Terms, conditions & recommendations

Check this link for the Terms & conditions

We also have a few recommendations :

  • Use a bike that is suitable for the event (gravel roads & carrying your stuff). You can find more info in our news article Choose your Dirty Boar weapon

  • You will need a GPS device because the route is NOT marked.  We will provide you with the gpx track a few weeks before the event.

  • Please also bring a USB powerbank/battery to charge the GPS at the camping (or during the day).

  • If you want some advice on clothing & other items to take with you: Check out the article about the recon of our bikepacker

  •  The ride takes place in a somewhat remote area & is unsupported. So make sure you take all the necessary tools & spares to handle common problems (flat tyres, worn brake pads, loose bolts... and maybe also a broken chain). Especially spare brake pads are a necessity if there is a chance of rain. And some cable ties might be useful for several things.

  • You should be able to carry enough food & water because you will not find shops around every corner

  • The sun should be out long enough so that you don't need lights. But it might be good to bring a small set of lights that makes you visible in case of fog or bad weather.

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