Dirty Boar


Trappen tegen grenzen (Pedalling against limits)

We support "Trappen tegen grenzen", an initiative of Anneke (who rode Dirty Boar 2019). In 2020 she cycled the complete border of Belgium (+- 1700 km) in 14 days, to collect funds for UilenSpiegel vzw. By doing this she wants to support rehabilitation by cycling for people with a psychological vulnerability and counter the stigma’s that surround them.

Anneke likes to express the significance of cycling for mental recovery with a quote from Einstein: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you have got to keep moving."

Anneke faced some tough challenges on her life path, and they left deep marks. At one point, she completely shut herself off from the world, in a safe cocoon. But she cycled her way out again...literally. She achieved the biggest milestones in her recovery from trauma, anxiety and depression by travelling alone on her bicycle. Travelling by bike, learning to make plans on your own and, above all, learning to trust yourself and others again, that's what restores!
Exactly that experience via bicycle she wanted ‘to pay forward’ to other people with mental vulnerability.

In 2021 and 2022, she prepared a team of six people for their “Tour de Force” around the borders of Belgium. They did a 1,000km bikepacker and set off at Signal de Botrange. Also in 2023 and 2024, they will train towards a Tour de Force 2.0. Once again, Anneke will train together with a team, and coach 9 (including 4 new) team members with mental vulnerability. By going down this road with them together, she hopes to contribute in their further mental recovery and create a safe connection between the members.  And, above all, a positive image about themselves and in society about mental vulnerability.

Check out the website, where you get introduced to the team and their captains Anneke, Rob and Kathy. You will also find information to support them by donations or partnership oppertunities. Or maybe you are looking to complete your own “Tour de Force” in a future edition?

WHERE do your donations go to?
To the basic operation of this cycling team and their campagnes about cycling for mental health. Helping create equal opportunities for all team members (e.g. social opportunity rates), logistical support (e.g. we were able to purchase a basic team gravelbike which we can now rent out to starting members) volunteer insurance, workshops, a team outfit, …

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