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Gravel Blah Blah

Gravel Blah Blah is a way for us, gravel ride organizers, to say 'thank you" to you, the gravel riders. Because without your support, there would not be a gravel scene in Belgium

And what better way to do that then by creating an XL gravel route.

Together with the colleagues of 666Gravel & Gravelride13 we combined the knowledge of our own areas.

The result is a gravel route from Brussels to the highest point of Belgium (Signal de Botrange). And a little bit further if you want.

So from Brussels via Liège, the Ardennes to the Hautes Fagnes (BLAH)

Check & download the route here: Ridewithgps

You decide when you ride it, with who and in how many days.

Due to Corona the climb at Ninglinspo might be closed. If that's the case, use this small detour route: Ridewithgps

We also have a route that takes you from the finish to the train station in Eupen: Ridewithgps

Some practical info:

  • You will encounter all kinds of (gravel) roads: Smooth, rocky, cobbles, dirt... So make sure to adapt your tyre (size), especially if you are bikepacking. The section of the route south of Liège is fairly rocky.

  • You will NOT find shops/restaurants at every corner. So plan your ride. On RidewithGPS we have marked some shops/restaurants that are directly at the route.

  • You ride this route under your own responsibility. Keep your eyes on the track and stop/dismount if you think it's too much for you. Hike a bike is not a crime.

There is no inscription fee, no goodies. Just good times and memories. You can always share your pictures with #gravelblahblah.

That's enough blah blah. We hope you just go outside and ride this route.

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