Dirty Boar

Training rides

Well then you have come to the right place!

Click below to see and download the route of your choice.

Important: Due to the flooding/heavy rain in July, the Dirty Boar region has suffered a lot of damage. Not only in the cities but also in the forests. At the moment we are checking our different training rides to see if they are safe to ride. We put each ride back online when we know they are OK (one by one).


* You need a GPS-device to ride the routes (it's NOT marked).

* You ride these routes at your own risk. Know what you can do, and dismount when you are unsure (Hike-a-bike is a part of gravel :-) ).

* Make sure you also take enough food and water with you because you will not find a shop around every corner.

If you want to stay a few days in the area to do more rides, click here for suggestions of places to stay/eat

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