Dirty Boar


What the participants say about our events.

Best event ever!

Felix - 2022


Thanks again for the top notch organisation. The route was again very good. The fact that you could take a shortcut at certain points was a good idea. Perfect if you are not feeling well or running late. I will be back in the region in a few weeks with some friends and i will definitely be showing them a bit of the route.

Bart - 2022


The previous edition that i rode was one of the most beautiful bicycle rides i have already done. Furthermore the Vettige Swa's and the volunteers are very nice!

Simon - 2021


Niks op aan te merken! Volgend jaar stof happen!

Wesley - 2017


Great ambiance, friendly people, good beer, nice bikes, great routes, top weekend.

Simon - 2018


The setting, the atmosphere, the beautiful surroundings that's all part of this gravelous ride. Three days after the ride I'm still hurt, but I just want to ride again! The fueling was excellent, Traffic on the occasional road Crossing was regulated by volunteers. And offcourse having a good beer and some frites with "echte mayonaise" is just great! I just want to ride again Next year I'll make sure to bring some spare brakepads!

Menno - 2017


Three days down the road, the ride still lingers! It's been a long time since I had so much fun on a bike. Next to the ride, there was the flawless organization, ... and maybe most of all the hospitality of the team! I'm afraid it will be one long countdown until the 2018 edition ...

Dirk - 2017

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