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The TransBelgian

The TransBelgian is a 520km allroad route across Belgium. Created together with the colleagues of 666Gravel, Gravelride13 & Gertjan Tanghe.

It takes you from the lowest point (the coast - 0m) to the highest point of Belgium (Signal de Botrange - 694m) over all kinds of surfaces (asphalt, gravel, cobbles, dirt,...). It's perfect for a gravel/adventure bike.

It's a route in line but you don't have to worry about the logistics. The route starts at the train station of Oostende and finishes at the train station of Eupen. There is a direct train riding between these 2 stations so getting back to the start is really easy. You can plan your journey on https://www.belgiantrain.be/en

The route also frequently comes close to cities that have a train station. So you can start later on the route or finish earlier. 

When riding this route you will experience different riding conditions:

  • 0-130km : Mostly flat, riding between farm lands, grass fields and trees.

  • 130- 220km: Touching the area of the Tour of Flanders with a bit more up and down and some cobbles. Also climbing the "Muur van Geraardsbergen

  • 220-310km: the forests of Brussels and Leuven with mostly smooth gravel roads

  • 310-395km: Through the farm lands with a lot of cobbles and a bit of up and down

  • 395-470km: Entering the Ardennes. Some more climbing and very rough roads at certain places

  • 470-510km: The Hautes Fagnes, big gravel roads with quite some climbing and a lot of solitude

If you want to see some images of the route, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

For ease of use/upload we split the route into 2 parts. Click the map to go to the route. The route received a few small changes on 24/05/2023.

This route was created in collaboration with Gertjan Tanghe 
and with some feedback by Christ Depestel.
This route is the "old" Gravel Blah Blah route (BLAH = Brussels, Liège, Ardennes & Hautes Fagnes).Created together with the colleagues of 666Gravel & Gravelride13.

If the climb at Ninglinspo is closed (this was the case during the Covid-19 pandemic), use this small detour route: Ridewithgps

Some practical info:

  • You will encounter all kinds of roads: Smoothly paved, gravel, rocky, cobbles, dirt... So make sure to adapt your tyre (size), especially if you are bikepacking. The section of the route south of Liège is fairly rocky. We recommend at least 43mm if you are bikepacking and riding the whole route (we used 50-55mm Panaracer GravelKIng SK ourselves).

  • We have marked some shops/restaurants/camping spots near the route. Check their opening days/hours when planning your ride.

  • You ride this route under your own responsibility. Keep your eyes on the track and stop/dismount if you think it's too much for you. Hike-a-bike is not a crime!

Want to know what you can expect on the route, read these reports

Or have a look at these videos:

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